Triple Pocket Hold'emThere are many variations of Poker like Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em, Caribbean Stud Poker and many more. Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker is also one of those variations. Anybody can play the poker games on the internet as there are so many casino poker sites to choose from. Many online versions are available of all the poker games so all a player needs to do is simply choose wisely and that is not as easy as it looks.

Triple Pocket Hold’em is quite a popular game of Poker and the cause behind its glory could be the rule manipulations, amazing bonus payouts and the fact that there is an extra dealer in the game. All these facts have established the game very well on the online casino games market.

How to play Triple Pocket Hold’em

The game of Triple Pocket Hold’em has similarities to another Poker version called the Texas Hold’em. In this game the player gets two pocket cards. The player can now use the other five conjunction cards to win over the other competitors. Here the player’s competitors are the two dealers. To win the player must defeat the two dealers with a good hand.

Unlike the Texas Hold’em Poker game the Triple Pocket Hold’em has only one round of betting that too before any cards are dealt to the player. This step adds a suspense factor to the game but there is another step that makes the player feel like he has some hold over the way things turn out in the game.

The dealer deals two cards to the player. These cards are the pocket cards. The player can choose to either keep the cards or he can pass it on to the dealer. The same goes for the second pair of pocket cards that the dealer deals to the player. In case the player has passed the first and second pair of the pocket cards to the dealer then he has to keep the third pair of pocket cards that the dealer deals to him.

After everyone has a pair of pocket cards the dealer will then deal the five community cards. Now the player has to make the best possible five card hand from these five community cards and the two pocket cards that he has. The payout rate is 1 to 1 but to earn more go for the bonus payouts. The bonus hands offered are as follows


Payout Ratio


2 to 1

 Full House

4 to 1

 Four of a Kind

10 to 1

 Straight Flush

20 to 1

 Royal Flush

50 to 1