Card-counting, know the actual facts of the most intelligent blackjack strategy

Online Blackjack cardcounting

Card counting in blackjack game though has grown as a very common phenomenon of blackjack strategy in the recent past, it takes years for one to master the trick and thus a lot of practice is the only solution to get your hands set in card counting as a professional. The concept of card counting is completely on the simple mathematical phenomenon of permutation and combination which basically states that one card out of a deck is one card less in the deck wherein the deck has a fixed number of cards in a fixed order and thus the one less card reduces the probability of a similar card occurring out the deck in the next withdrawal.

 Card counting basically deals with the fact that once a card is dealt with the chances of the same card coming out in the next pull is nil and the chances of other such card coming out has decreased which means that the deck has changed in a very predictable ways and thus few general calculation if the concept is known to a person could help one to get few specific results with some good calculations.

Blackjack online The concept gave birth to a somewhat illogical myth that card counting means memorizing all the cards in the deck and the ones dealt with thus you could easily predict the next card. No, nothing is exactly predictable and thus there is no need to memorize the cards in the deck. The thing that has to be done is learn the trick and then practice thoroughly. The concept could be made easy by applying the hi-low values or positive- negative values to the cards and thus reducing the negative and adding the positive to a running total of the card could help the player know the probabilities of the next card occurrence.

Thus the big mathematical calculation got reduced to a simple concept of addition and subtraction by keeping a track of all the high cards and low cards dealt with and thus trying to figure out when you have an edge over the house. The player in normal situations gets an edge over the house when the deck has a maximum of high cards and looses the edge when the deck has maximum of low cards. The concept though looks quite simple still has got a lot of ground to cover and thus the player needs to practice for hours and days which he could do by choosing to play free blackjack if they want to get on with card counting on a table undetected. It takes a lot of practice just to get the professionalism other than that the concept to learn does not take much time.

 The concept of counting the tables though not as accurate as counting the cards but still helps the player to get on with the decision of hitting on 16 or doubling down with a 9. The concept completely deals with using the cards that are face up on the table to know that if the next card that could come up would be a smaller card or a big one and based on that if the maximum cards are big on the table the player could hit on 16 as possibility of the occurrence of a big card is less and thus if the case is completely opposite on the table, the player if has 9 or lower total could still double down as the possibility of a next card being a high digit is more.

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