Blackjack cheating, a myth or a true possibility

online blackjack

Blackjack has been a source of mystery for most of the gamblers for the simple reason of it having deep strategical implications and stories of some regular folks making grands of fortune at the blackjack tables. With all such thoughts pounding in the heads of the blackjack players, it is quite natural to wonder and give a thought to the concept of blackjack cheating. It is quite natural to wonder if it is possible to cheat at a blackjack game table and get away with it and more so if it is possible to make few noticable winnings with it.

The truth though is something completely different from the one that is normally anticipated, it holds the fact that cheating is still a completely wrong way of making money. Though the casinos might be having some very well known negative image of theirs in front of the normal lot but the fact still is the same that they are providing some very appreciated services that has made entertainment easily available in the hands of the people.

The concept of cheating in blackjack has been there since ages and the discussions on the topic has been going on since the day the game was introduced to the world of casino for the simple reason that everyone wishes to make easy money and getting to win the same in a game of blackjack could turn out to be the easiest of of blackjack

Players are suggested not to cheat not only for the simple reason that casinos in the present era of technological advancement are completely capable of protecting themselves very well from the cheaters but also for the fact that cheating is illegal. There are lots legal and illegal blackjack cheating methods one of which is card counting. Card counting is one such method that has been considered as cheating for so long but actually the method has always been a blackjack strategy all the time and so has been accepted by the law too. Card counting is a complete mathematical strategy that is based on the concept of probability.

The game of blackjack has made itself known and popular to the heights that has no limits for the simple reason that the game holds the possibility of winning with a probability that no other game of gambling can provide which for sure has been attracting the players ever since to play blackjack free online or in casinos. Both the platforms be it online blackjack or casino black jack, have been providing the best entertainment source to the player but still the introduction of online blackjack got a lot appreciated for the simple fact that it allows the players to play the game at their own convenience of time and place.

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Blackjack with the odds in your favor

online blackjack

Blackjack is one game of casino that has been known to give chances and choices to the players rather than the dealer thus making it possible for the player to win at the game easily. Blackjack is one casino game that allows the player to turn the odds in his own favor.

Though there are lots of people in the industry who are more interested in getting some good cheating tips than knowing the basic and simple tips that could for sure help the player get the desired win. The player can easily win and make the winning consistent by knowing few secrets of the game or blackjack strategy. Few of the secrets that can help the player know their odds and thus make some very good winnings are as under:game of blackjack

Understand the odds:-

Know the fact that the casinos always stalk the odds in their own favor and so be sure to make it a point that you know the rules of the casino and the way they are playing it. The main focus if made on the number of decks that a casino is playing, the intention could be made clear enough to understand the same. More the decks in the game more are the odds in the favor of the casino.

Card counting is an option:-

The player should first of all make sure that he is an expert in card counting by taking few good practice lessons on some system that allows the players to practice card counting for free to play blackjack free. Card counting have been known to turn the odds in the favor of the player by helping them know the probability of the next card to be withdrawn. The benefits of the system does not depend on the complexity of it and so the user should find the one that suites him best.

Stay in the game the longer you can:-

The biggest trick of winning the game lies in the fact that the player has got to stay in the game for a longer time period. The longer he stays the more are the possibilities of his winning the game of blackjack, which means for sure enough money and time to be risked for the game. The concept of short-term approach most of the times is followed by the new players who are not that proficient in the game, and thus they often do not win and on the rarest of the rare times that they do, the credit goes to the lady luck. So stay in the game as long as you can.

Blackjack Myths, Beware:-

The player should always try to stay in the game unaffected by the blackjack myths that are so common in the era today. People who are not very good at the game of blackjack of they tend to make up such myths after every won or lost game. These things when repeated for a considerable number of times get to let the thing sink in their minds, which for sure is a very wrong approch to the game. The game is all about how you play it and thus for sure does not have anything to do with the luck and thus none with such widely spread myths.

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Mobile casino games, the latest technological trend of the era

Online blackjack

The latest emerging mobile devices with all the latest technological trends and the convergence of these mobile technologies with the online social networking has definitely been in the favor of the tech savvy client base of the casino sites. With the last decade ending at a note of change that affected the whole era with a storm of non-archaic gambling and thus changed the way gambling was seen and played. The gambling industry too like everything else could not be left untouched from the changes that the technological era has seen.

With the trend of mobile gaming taking its toll on the professional gamers, the gambling industry was not to be left aside and thus when the mobile casino games software were easily made available on the Internet, the gamers realized that downloading and installing the game on the handsets, if the handsets supported the format was not as difficult as was thought and thus could easily be handled.Mobile Blackjack

The fact that mobile devices have become a very integral part of the lives of the human being in the present era and parting with the same is something like an impossible job, the mobile casino games are taking a toll over all other sorts of casino gamings. The technology for mobile devices still is on a rising stage which means they have got a lot of ground to cover which with the mobile developers in their full form and at the top of their creative ideas the gamers could completely count on to come up soon.

 The simple reasons that the mobile casino gamings are being preferred over other sorts of casino gaming sites are as given below:-

  • Convenience for playing:- Mobile blackjack like any other free online blackjack game provides the much needed convenience to play the games. With the lives of the earth dwellers going all busy and strictly scheduled, they get pints of time, which often is not useful enough to run down to a casino to play a game in the mean time, but is definitely good enough to play a game of mobile casino for the time being.
  • Easily available:- The device being in the hands of the people all the time, the game of online blackjack is easily available for the normal lot at any point of time. And more so for the simple reason that the game is just a click away.
  • No time constraint:- The best thing about the mobile gamings is the fact that there is no time constraint like those for the land casinos or even the Internet casinos that often are played at complete leisure and could not be played while standing in a queue or while traveling.
  • No real money involved:- The other thing that is often appreciated by those who just play for fun is the fact that the game involves no real money and so the stress of playing with a cool concentrated mind is replaced with fun gaming.
  • Gives practice:- With no stress involved the game is all about fun and practice for some real time action. And since the game is played for practice a player can always use it to learn to play blackjack, thus the game could also be played just to practice or just for fun.
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Card-counting, know the actual facts of the most intelligent blackjack strategy

Online Blackjack cardcounting

Card counting in blackjack game though has grown as a very common phenomenon of blackjack strategy in the recent past, it takes years for one to master the trick and thus a lot of practice is the only solution to get your hands set in card counting as a professional. The concept of card counting is completely on the simple mathematical phenomenon of permutation and combination which basically states that one card out of a deck is one card less in the deck wherein the deck has a fixed number of cards in a fixed order and thus the one less card reduces the probability of a similar card occurring out the deck in the next withdrawal.

 Card counting basically deals with the fact that once a card is dealt with the chances of the same card coming out in the next pull is nil and the chances of other such card coming out has decreased which means that the deck has changed in a very predictable ways and thus few general calculation if the concept is known to a person could help one to get few specific results with some good calculations.

Blackjack online The concept gave birth to a somewhat illogical myth that card counting means memorizing all the cards in the deck and the ones dealt with thus you could easily predict the next card. No, nothing is exactly predictable and thus there is no need to memorize the cards in the deck. The thing that has to be done is learn the trick and then practice thoroughly. The concept could be made easy by applying the hi-low values or positive- negative values to the cards and thus reducing the negative and adding the positive to a running total of the card could help the player know the probabilities of the next card occurrence.

Thus the big mathematical calculation got reduced to a simple concept of addition and subtraction by keeping a track of all the high cards and low cards dealt with and thus trying to figure out when you have an edge over the house. The player in normal situations gets an edge over the house when the deck has a maximum of high cards and looses the edge when the deck has maximum of low cards. The concept though looks quite simple still has got a lot of ground to cover and thus the player needs to practice for hours and days which he could do by choosing to play free blackjack if they want to get on with card counting on a table undetected. It takes a lot of practice just to get the professionalism other than that the concept to learn does not take much time.

 The concept of counting the tables though not as accurate as counting the cards but still helps the player to get on with the decision of hitting on 16 or doubling down with a 9. The concept completely deals with using the cards that are face up on the table to know that if the next card that could come up would be a smaller card or a big one and based on that if the maximum cards are big on the table the player could hit on 16 as possibility of the occurrence of a big card is less and thus if the case is completely opposite on the table, the player if has 9 or lower total could still double down as the possibility of a next card being a high digit is more.

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Know how much do the free online bonuses cost you

Online Blackjack

With the online blackjack casino games going all popular the competition too in the business has started to stiffen up. The competition has thus given rise to some very innovative ideas of promotion and increasing the customer traffic to a particular site. The idea however lies in the fact that, it is quite difficult for anyone to say no to free money or bonuses. But the thing that should be kept in mind by the one falling into the trap of these promotional activities is that nothing in the world is completely free and so the free bonuses and the discounts must be costing something that is not completely visible and known to the people. And thus a thorough reading of the terms and conditions of a table or a casino is must.Blackjack Bonuses

There are a few things that should be kept in mind by those who are in the habit of accepting whatever free comes their way. And the first thing that has to be remembered is that anything that says free is never completely free. And the main frustration comes your way when you are all set to collect your winning with the bonuses that the casinos so generously allowed you and you then realize that there were few writings termed as terms and conditions that you forgot to read.

Normally the bonuses cost you many times more than their actual value and so it might sound a lot better to know the same well in advance and have an estimation of the bonuses that are acceptable by you accordingly. The bonuses may range from sign-up bonus that is completely free to 100%, 200% or even 400%. Now to unlock the same the person getting the bonus has got to wager some of his own money and many folds more only then could he get to have the extra bonus that he has been allowed by the casino site. So one of the most important blackjack winning tips is do not play for the bonuses.

There are few things that could help you understand the total cost of the bonuses which are as follows:-

  • The wagering requirement specified:- Each casino site, with the free bonuses made available to the players of free online blackjack at their site have got some fixed wagering requirement attached to them as conditions. These wagering requirements vary from casino to casino and bonus to bonus but still a standard requirement mostly says 20 to 40 times.
  • Percentage of game contribution in the casino:- All the casinos have different percentage of the game contribution in the casinos to calculate the bonus that could be released based on the amount wagered on that table of the game. For example if the contribution percentage of the game is 50% it means the wagering should be twice the amount it should have been to release the bonus.
  • The House Edge:- House edge in simple senses means the percentage of the bets that the house expects to keep as its profits at the end of the day.

With all the above points keeping in consideration the best that could be concluded from them is simple formula for calculating the expected amount to be wagered at a table to come up with the total bonus earned and that is:-

The total amount that should be wagered at the end of the day should be equal to the initial deposit plus the bonus earned multiplied with wagering requirement of the casino multiplied with the game contribution percentage.

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Get to choose online blackjack casinos wisely

Online Blackjack

With the magical touch of technology the technological era has been successful in bringing almost everything in front of your eyes or at your doorsteps just at the touch of a button. Technology came into being at the first place to make life easier for mankind and it has been doing the same ever since. Online casinos made it possible for the human race to sit at home and play free blackjack games that needed people to find casinos that are scarcely located and unevenly distributed on the surface of the earth and thus are quite hard to find. With the world going digital casinos too found their way to the digital world and were quite successfully capable of establishing the fame that they have been able to maintain in the land blackjack

The online casinos too carry almost all the same games as they are there for the land casinos from game of blackjack to every other card game and have the same rules and conditions as they are there for the games in the real life land casino. The difference could only be seen in the case of the benefits which too are almost same with the slight difference wherein you do not play in cash rather online cash and you get better benefits in the form of casino bonuses and discounts and welcome balances, etc.

The online casinos too could be played with the same strategies that are used for the land casinos like the blackjack strategy as there aren’t much differences between the games, the only difference that matters is the platform. The things that should be kept in mind are as under:-

  • Legitimacy:- Make sure that the site is legitimate before going for playing the game as the Internet is not a safe platform all the time and thus needs to be checked for legitimacy. Doing so is not that easy but a better and easier option could be going to the site through some good and trusted informative portals that are often there to help those who are in search of such sites. These portals could be trusted as they for sure take out all the informations for a site and then give them ranks based on those informations, which for sure helps in establishing trust and legitimacy.


  • Offers:- The ranks of these online informative portals are also based on the offers like discounts and bonuses that these sites offer to the clients of their sites, and so people could either just go for choosing the one site that ranks the best on these portals or could rather go for manually checking the offers that are being offered by each one, which for sure could be a good idea.

Thus remember the simple thing while choosing an online casino blackjack site that the choice if done from an informative portal should be completely based on the ranks and if the search is done manually have a better look at the background of the site before going for choosing it for playing a game of blackjack or any other casino game.

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Online blackjack bonuses the real reasons they are being offered

Online Blackjack

With online blackjack gambling going all popular over the casino blackjack the need for the online casinos to show their supremacy over the others too have gone very high over the years. With the competition all over the world between the online blackjack casino sites stiffening all the time the sites are trying everything they could to lure in new players for their sites and to try to make the older ones stay longer. Giving out blackjack bonuses, welcome balances or discounts are some of the latest phenomenons that are being used by the casino sites to attract new players for their sites.

 The online bonuses that are being offered by the sites come in a very wide range, ranging from 100% of the initial deposit to around 400% of the same to even completely free some of the times. With the casinos showing such generosity the thing that has been bothering the players and common public is the fact that how are the casinos pulling it off with the profits, with so many offers and free welcome balances and discounts, what is that the casinos are earning and most importantly how? The fact that lies below these bonuses is that they never are completely free and so should be chosen with caution and ease. These discounts and bonuses are often there to lure you into the game and when you get addicted to the game they start costing you, so better be extra cautious while opting for them.

 But it is not that they are always bad, they often are a way for the casino sites to say that they value their customers. The main reasons behind the discounts and the offers are as follows:-

  • To increase the number of players:- The offers and discounts have been there mostly to catch the eye of the new players. The main intention behind getting more customers to a casino even though they play for free is that it increases the popularity of the casino and helps in promoting a game. And moreover larger the audience more is the profit for the casino in simple senses.


  • To prove their supremacy:- With more of a crowd in a casino the popularity of the place increases and when this happens the casino gets the benefit. With the casino games getting a toll on the world tournaments the casino sites have got to prove their supremecy over the others and thus the offers and discounts and the bonuses let them have exactly the same.


  • To keep the loyality of the players:- The casino sites with all the competition out there in the market have got to attract some new customers and even more have got to keep the ones that they already have with them in the form of the existing customers. And so to keep the existing customers interested in the site and to show their regards for the loyal customers they have been giving free bonuses, discounts or offers to lure in the loyality from others too.


  • To encourage the players to keep on gambling:- The fact that there is nobody who doesn’t like free money to spend has been helping the casino sites pull out profit from the discounts and free bonuses. How? The actual thing is that when these casinos sites offer discounts and bonuses they often increase the roll over rates for the players which means the players will have to play a certain amount of times to get the full benefits and thus it often leads the players to spend more than they have planned just to get the full benefits of the offers which means profits for the casino sites.
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Important tips on blackjack that no one tells

Blackjack online free

Blackjack for one thing is a game of casino that is completely different from the other casino games where the dealer normally has an upper hand over the players and that is the fact that the game calls for a very good knowledge of the basic rules of the game and depends extensively on mathematical strategies thus making it the only casino game that provides odds in the favor of a player from the moment the game starts rather than in the favor of the dealer.Card-Counting

The players should understand one fact when playing free blackjack online is that they can certainly not go in there completely unprepared risking it all waiting for luck to change, for if they do so they are going to let everyone else on the table have an upper hand over them. There are few very basic and still very important blackjack winning tips that should be taken care of or say should be kept in mind by the players when going for playing casino black jack to turn the table of odds in their own favor, few of them are as under:-

  • Know the rules:- Blackjack is the one casino game that requires extensive knowledge of the rules and strategies not knowing which is sure to take the player towards a series of loses as everyone in there other than the player is prepared to win and so if you are a new player then the least you could do is know the game and its rules before going towards playing the game and if not, better choose some other game that depends completely on lady luck.How to play Blackjack


  • Drink less even if its free:- Drinks in the casinos are often free which leads the players to go for a lot of drinks which at the end of it is always harmful for the player and his game. Drinking often reduces the concentration of the player and thus at the end of it they often not even able to count the cards let alone applying any tricks or strategies to win blackjack which for sure is not good, and so if the player wishes to remain in the game and win something out of it, it is better for him to stay away from extensive drinking though a few shots are completely acceptable.


  • Be prepared with the tricks:- As said earlier the game completely depends on the rules and the mathematical tricks and so if a player wishes to win he has to be well prepared with different tricks and strategies of the game for if he is not others are and so the odds tend to turn as they are supposed to be in the favor of the one who is prepared.


  • Know the limits of the table:- One of the very common mistakes that people make when they play blackjack is the thing that they do not see the limits of the table. Not knowing the limits of the game puts them in a very odd situation of loosing and so the least they should do is read the instructions on the table that states the minimum and maximum limits of the table for the game.


  • Concentrate:- The most important thing that has to be kept in mind by a player putting bets on a blackjack table is not loose focus from the game. Concentration is the most important element of the game and more so if the player is involved in counting the cards, which for sure increases the odds of the player over the dealer but only when done with concentration.
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Online Casino Blackjack bonuses, things that you should know

Blackjack betting

Blackjack game being one of the most popular games in the casinos has successfully found its way to the digital world. The game has found the pinnacles of popularity with more and more people getting addicted to the game daily. The introduction of the game of blackjack to the digital world has raised the popularity to the game to a all time height which means more competition in the business too. As more people are getting into the business the competition in the field of online blackjack is stiffening giving rise to more offers and bonuses and discounts and welcome balances to attract new players to the sites offering to play blackjack free online and to lure the older ones to stay for longer time period.Blackjack free online

Most of the online casinos go for offering online blackjack bonuses to the new or the existing players which may range from being completely free to 100% or 200% or sometimes even 400% of the initial balance deposit. They mostly offer such bonuses to increase the popularity of their own site and thus gain an edge over the competition. Whatever the case maybe but the fact remains the same that the bonuses are not completely free as they are being portrayed rather they mostly cost you at some other places, so there are few things that should be kept in mind before falling to the trap of these online bonuses few of them are as follows:-

  • Need of the bonuses:- Mostly when the sites for online blackjack feel the need to show their supremacy over the other sites they often go for higher bonuses to their clients, be it new or the older ones and so the first thing that the person getting the bonuses should keep in mind is that these bonuses could be put on hold and so if you do not need the bonus at the moment better contact the moderators and keep them on hold for some time.


  • Online Blackjack tournaments:- With the game getting all popular all over the world the game has entered the new dimensions and thus Blackjack bonusfound its way all the way up to national and international tournaments which gave all the more reasons to the online casinos to show their supremacy over the other online casino sites, which comes as a cost to the players in the form of roll over rates of the customers.


  • Terms and conditions apply:- Everything else apart the thing that has to be kept in mind always is that always read the terms and condition section of the online casinos. They are the only things that mostly people skip without reading but remember the fact that it is your money on the stack and so better be cautious. No blackjack strategy is going to help without you being thorough with the terms of the table they are playing on.


Thus better be cautious and do not get lured to the bonuses without knowing what they are going to cost you. It is not that they are always traps and so always bad rather one should always go for the site offering maximum bonuses as they nothing but saving your money and who does not like a little extra benefit but the thing is that caution could save you a lot of trouble by saving you from falling in the traps of some wrong sites.

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Card counting in blackjack, a strategy with the series of myths

Card Counting balckjackCard counting is the concept that is not new and the myths and misconceptions related to the topic too are similarly old and battered and same goes for the fact that the concept of card counting goes hand in hand with the basic rules of the game, so basic rules if not known better keep away from the strategy of card counting. The image of the game of blackjack has taken the form of larger than life figure and thus created even a bigger space for the myths that have been building up relating to the strategy being an illegal part of the game.Blackjack card counting

 History has it:-

The concept of blackjack strategy actually started back in the mid twentieth century around the time when the charm of casino games was rising to its heights and blackjack was the most popular game in the casinos. A group of statistician after observing the game were particularly convinced that the game was based on a mathematical series and thus there must exist a formula that could be derived to get a perfect blackjack strategy for the game. The century then saw a series of mathematicians trying to find better results and thus the modern blackjack strategy was born including the concept of card counting.

 As the blackjack strategies were born and taking a toll on the casinos they got scared and started on changing the original set of rules to give the house a better edge, but when the concept backfired and the casinos started loosing their customers the classic set of rules got back their original stand in the game. There have been a series of bans and lawsuits that at the end of it confirmed the fact that the concept of card counting is legal and none of the casinos anywhere has the right to ban a player just for the fact that he was involved in card counting, but then once the casinos come to a conclusion that a player is really good at card counting they have the right to ask the player to leave their property.

 The concept of card counting:-

 The concept of card counting is basically based on one of the mathematical calculations of permutation and contribution according to which a deck of card has a fixed number of cards which are in a fixed order and one card out of the deck means that card no longer exists in the pack which means the chances of it coming out is nil and chances of a similar card has decreased thus the deck of cards being played with has changed in somewhat a predictable fashion.

 Thus instead of memorizing the cards a player could just assign positive and negative values to the card and by reducing each card from the basic running total the player could easily predict the chances of the next card from the deck and thus the game gets in the hands of the player.

 The concept of card counting is thus a very technical blackjack strategy that for sure gives an extra edge to the player and thus reduces the house edge and with practice any player could rule the game in their own favor.

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