Caribbean-Stud-PokerCaribbean stud poker is very much similar to poker but there are a few differences then the actual game. Despite the differences the game of stud poker is a very popular game in the casino rooms.

The game of stud poker is also played with the same 5 card method of a poker game but there is this one difference in the playing ways. In actual poker game the player has to play against other players but in Caribbean stud poker the player will play only against the dealer. The intensity of the game is less as there are no multiple players to play against and this way of playing also makes the playing easy and fast.

You can play the Caribbean stud poker at any online casino game website. You can play it for cash or just for fun. You can win some really fabulous jackpots too that many of these online casino websites offer.

How to play Poker

Your choice of location of playing is responsible for the fact that whether a progressive jackpot is involved or not. If you are playing for a progressive jackpot then you have to play it with cash. But don’t worry, for those who do not want to play like this they can go to the sites that offer poker games without the progressive jackpot. Thus you can play for fun and real money both.

To begin the Caribbean Stud Poker game first the bets are placed on the table. This is just the initial round called the ante bet and after the ante bets have been placed the player can push the deal button. Five cards will be dealt each to the player and the dealer. The player can see only his cards not the dealer’s. The player does not need to arrange his cards instead the computer does it for him. The computer arranges the hand in a way that it becomes the highest hand possible from the cards of the player.

Although the computer does the arrangement work but still it is up to the player that whether he chooses to fold his hand or raise the bet. In case the player decides to fold he will lose the ante bet but he will not need to put in more money in the game. After declaring a fold the dealer will reveal his cards and the player can compare and check if he made the right decision. But the scenario is different in case of a raise. When the player opts for a raise in the bet he has to pay double the ante bet amount and the new amount will be the sum of the ante bet money and the double amount of the raise bet.

Remember that a player can win or raise a bet only if the dealer is in the position where he is able to qualify with at least an Ace or King high cards. The amount of payout depends on the rules of the casino site at which you are playing. The general formats for payouts without the progressive bets is as follows:




Royal Flush


Straight Flush


Four of a Kind


Full House






Three of a kind


Two Pair


One Pair


High Card



More on Caribbean Stud Poker

The best part about Caribbean Stud Poker is that a player can play as long as wants to play because there are no elimination rounds. Since there is only a dealer apart from the player in the game this kind of playing is also known as open ended gaming. In an open ended game the player need not worry about joining any room at any particular time or even playing for long hours.

Online Caribbean Stud Poker is a very popular game and a favorite of all too. So start playing online Caribbean Stud Poker for actual cash payouts and maybe you might even win the massive progressive jackpot.