How to play online baccarat and win

Win BaccaratBaccarat is no doubt one of the easiest and enjoyable games to play online that has minimum house edge. There is no such hard and fast strategy to win at baccarat and one can win just by practicing and understanding few of the important stuff in this game. In this game, two hands are dealt with two cards on the centre of the table having one ‘player’ and the other ‘Banker’. The card each of the player pulls is added and the aim is to make total nine. The one who makes nine earlier than the other, wins and if the total goes above nine then numbers are added. Suppose on pulling two cards player gets six and seven then the total is 13 and the last digit 3 is taken into consideration. The player can choose the hand he/she wants to place the bet on. The player can bet on the winning of his/her hand, on the bankers hand or on the happening of a tie.

In the online game of baccarat, player plays against the virtual banker. The banker will deal on the eight decks of cards and the players need to pull either two or three cards in one hand. Some small tricks and strategies need to be followed, as the house edge is low in this game and the players who are aware of this thing place their bets on the Bankers hand.

One more thing a player needs to consider for winning in Baccarat is to avoid placing the bet on the happening of a tie. The odd in the favor of happening of a tie is 8:1 and the house edge is 14% this means the chances of winning this bet are quite close to zero.

If the player is aware of the thing on which hand he/she has to bet, the chances of winning increase. One must bet on the winning of player or the banker not tie. Of all, betting on the bankers winning is the safest and easy way to play as bankers winning has the lowest house advantage. Additionally, number of decks used to play may also affect your winnings. Usually there are eight play decks in the game of baccarat and choosing the casino that offers lesser number of decks is the best way to win. Betting on dealer’s hand along with lesser number of decks has better edge in the game of baccarat.

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