Rules to win Blackjack

Blackjack Winning RulesA casino card game that is played between the player and his dealer is blackjack and both the parties play against each other. The aim of blackjack is to get as close as possible to 21 and if you go above 21 you will lose the game. The one who has the maximum value of cards lesser than 21 wins the game. Firstly, the dealer and you are given two cards each and you will be shown the dealer’s one card only.

Value of the cards:

Depending upon the value of the cards you hold, the value of your hand is determined. Ace can be valued as either 1 or 11 depending upon the value of cards in your hand. Cards from two to 10 are valued same as their face value and jack, queen and king hold the 10 value.

Player’s choices:

When you are playing the game, you have several options to choose from:

  • Hit: Hit means that the player wants another card for your hand. You can make as many hits you wish until your hand value is below 21.
  • Stand: Stand means that the player is satisfied with his existing two cards and chooses not to take any more cards. When one player at the player says stand, another player gets to choose his decision.
  • Bust: If anytime during the game of blackjack, yours or the dealers hand gets over 21 you will lose the game and this sis called as bust.
  • Double-Down: This means that the player would like to double his original bet and will take only one card more.
  • Split: A player can split when he has two similar cards such as two tens then he gets to double his Hit or Stand and this way he plays for both of his similar hands differently.
  • Surrender: A player can give up the game by saying surrender and gets half of his bet in return. This is usually done when you know that you are going to lose.
  • Push: Push occurs when the player and his dealer both get the same card hands totals. This way the player gets his original bet back and he neither wins nor loses.
  • Insurance: When the dealer gets an Ace, the player gets the chance to take the insurance. This way if the dealer has the blackjack then player will get his full bet in return and if the dealer does not have blackjack player will lose the insurance but will continue the game with the original bet.

There are many bets in Blackjack and you should know them in order to win. Keeping all the things in mind you can certainly win a lot of money as well as fun if things are chosen wisely. Blackjack is a fun game being played at fast pace and once all the players in this game have completed their turn, the dealer plays and the players are then paid the money they won. If you are new to this game then you should start with the Beginner’s Blackjack and then once you have learnt the game’s basics then you can read the guide on how to play Blackjack.

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