Types of Blackjack Bets

Types of Blackjack BetsBlackjack is the most played and widely popular online casino game that offers the best odds if played wisely. Blackjack is a card game played between the player and the dealer with a normal deck of 52 cards. The player is dealt by drawing first two cards for making a hand as close as possible to 21 without exceeding it. The one with the highest hand but lesser than 21 wins and the one exceeding 21 looses at the end of the game. There are quite simple and limited betting choices available for the players when they are dealt the cards as they are supposed to choose between hit stand or double down most commonly. Let us understand the types of Blackjack bets in Blackjack.


Hit of a card in blackjack means requesting for a new card as you either can keep the card with you or will go bust. Bust means exceeding 21 that is the limit in the game so you can hit as many times as you wish to either make a good hand and stand or go bust. It is always a good idea to hit if the player has a hand value that is equal or more than 17.

Hit or Stand


Stand means keeping the card drawn with you and telling the dealer that you are happy with your card and do not wish to draw any more cards. It is also known as ‘stick’ and players do this when they are close to 21 and see good chances of winning.

Double Down:

This means doubling your bet by choosing to hit one more time. This is the bet where lot of gambling excitement is involved as if you have one 6 and one 5 to making 11 then the more chance are that your next card will be 10 making 21 and make you win. Under this circumstance, you will not bust sure or likely beat the dealer. So this is the best opportunity to get one more card and double your bet to get the cream of the game.

Splitting pairs

Splitting Pairs:

When you get two cards of same value, you can split these two cards into two different hands to play two hands by placing a bet equals to your first bet and then the dealer then deals cards to both the hands differently.


When you are not happy with your current hand, you surrender that hand losing half of your bet to casino and keeping the half with you. A player can surrender at his/her hand or at the dealers hand however this option is quite rarely available at many casinos.

At some casinos, there are two types of surrender options available late surrender and early surrender. In the late surrender, you quit after the dealer checks for blackjack and in early surrender, you quit before the dealer checks for blackjack and this one is more advantageous.


The dealer offers insurance bet when he/she has Ace as face up card. You either can take the insurance by placing an additional bet of half of your original bet or may refuse. This bet is on the dealer having blackjack and if the dealer has it you are paid 2 to 1 however, it is seldom advised to take the insurance.

The dealer will wait till the player has a hand value that is equal to or more than 17. The dealer at any cost must get a value that is closer or nearer to 21 in order to win. Also it is a rule that the players must hit till the hand value becomes equal to or more than 17. Finally the dealer will either play further or pay the winners at the end of the game. Now that you know the basic types of bets in the game of Blackjack, now you can go ahead and play the game at any online casino.

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