European BlackjackThe most loved and well known version of classic blackjack game is European Blackjack. This game is very similar to original Blackjack and without any doubt, it’s enjoying worldwide popularity in online casino games.

In this game the dealer cannot pick the second card (or hole card) till the all players hands has complete, this is the main difference between European Blackjack and Original Blackjack, it’s also mean that the dealer can’t win the blackjack in this game from starting. This feature provides a chance to players that they can increase the wager just before the dealer can check – he has blackjack or not.

Online European Blackjack game is played with 4 standard decks of cards, with no jokers, the main purpose of this game is having a hand of total 21 or closer (without going over) to beat the dealers hand. Even though some of the casino may select to create their own dealer rules, but the maximum requires the same rule that the dealer have to stand on soft 17 (or higher) and hit on 16 (or lower).

When the dealers face up card is an Ace then player can buy the insurance. The insurance won’t be effect so longer, though the players choose to split their hand and if the players choose to doubles instead of split, only primary bet will be doubled. Blackjack usually paid out at the standard 3 to 2.

The players have to select an online casino to start or play European Blackjack. Mostly online casinos offer similar gaming options and payouts to play this game; the player gets the more chance of standard winnings. After all if any found himself in any online casino which allows Multi-hand plays, it’s enormously raise his winning chance on a superior round. The 5 card game type in online European Blackjack is quite common and it offers a fantastic new challenge for experts of this game.

Before dealt of any cards a primary betting round will be placed and with the option of Deal have lit up, player can Double, Hit, Split or Hit. Player can use this time to decide the no of hands he want to play in upcoming round. The minimum and maximum bets are frequently same, all through the best popular online casinos with minimum $1 and maximum $500.

Doubling down is enable only on card totals of 9, 10 or 11, doubling accepted the wager to increase it duplex and to draw one extra card; after the card is drawn, quickly hand will stand. The values have to beat the dealers from the 3 card hand to payout on doubled wager.

Some hands have an option of Split. If any player has 2 primary cards of equal value – he can split them into 2 separate hands by placing a second bet of same value on second hand, then he can persist to hit till they bust or stand. The player will receive one chance of extra hit, if the splitting cards are Ace, always remember a face card or 10 won’t make Blackjack on a splitting hand.

After the completing all active hands by players the dealers get turn to play, in that case if dealer has a blackjack, the dealer will win and all players will lose their wagers automatically and then all losing hands will sacrifice their primary stakes as any extra wagers such as doubles or splits. If player win that time, then will be paid out 1:1 and a tie-up will be permitted to return all original bets.


The online European blackjack is very popular version due to its high payback. It provides some extra chance to make wager and much of great cash payout opportunities, which make this game more beneficial.