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When thinking of casinos, a game of Blackjack is one name that comes to anyone’s mind instantly, which definitely explains the popularity of the game. Thus, Blackjack is the one card game that has found its place both in the real world and the digital world simultaneously. This game of cards is also known as 21 (twenty one) derived from the rule of the game wherein the players have to make a hand totaling to the nearest digit of 21 without getting over it. Recently casinos online too like the traditional casinos have started providing the facilities to those who would like to play the game but are not able to dig up a real casino nearby. And thus the game of online blackjack came into being. Online casinos provide almost all the facilities that a normal casino of yours can provide. With the best thing being the fact that you do not have to go all the way to a casino to play blackjack game rather you could enjoy the comfort of your home and still play the casino blackjack you like most.

Blackjack has a rich and interesting history which tells that the game was born in France in the 17th century and then found its way towards the American continent where it found its much deserved and commonly known popularity.blackjack free online

The simple rule that the game works on is that each player of the game has to make a hand that has a total value of 21 or something that is closest to the number without getting over it and the one who holds the cards with the value closest to 21 without getting over it is declared as the winner at the end of the game.

The rules are the same even in the case of online blackjack with the slight difference of being on an online platform rather than in a stylish bold casino. The online blackjack has gone more popular between the casino enthusiasts for a primary reason that it allows the online players to enjoy their favorite game with the comfort of their own time frames and space and best of all allows them to play from their own homes by sitting on their favorite couch.

How to Play BlackJack

How to play online blackjack is a common question that is asked by anyone who likes to start playing the game online. The sites offering blackjack games online are commonly known as online casinos. The person against whom the player plays and put bets against is known as the dealer. All the players around the table in an online blackjack are up against the dealer and their main intention always is to beat the total value of cards in the hand of the dealer. Beating the dealer needs you to have the cards with the value more than that in the hands of the dealer but without the total sum of your cards going over 21. The normal layout of a traditional blackjack table in a casino is as shown in the picture below:-

The total value of a hand of a single player means the sum of the values of all the cards in the hand of the player. And an online blackjack game table also looks a lot like a traditional blackjack table with just the difference being the physical presence of the players and the dealer in case of a traditional casino blackjack game is replaced by the digital presence of the players when you play blackjack online.

Basic Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack Rules:-

The rules of a blackjack game is quite easy to remember and easier to follow which is one of the reasons for the popularity of the game.

Value of the cards:-

The value of a hand is the same as the total sum of the value of the cards being held by a player. All the cards from 2 to 10 are valued at their face value and all the face cards are valued each for a value of 10. The cards are valued for these numbers with no other choices of value whereas Ace has a choice of being counted as 1 or 11 depending upon the situation like rule of the particular table or value of cards held by the player at the moment.


The one and only rule to win in a game of blackjack is to make the value of the sum of your hand nearest to 21 without going over it. The person who has attained the hand of such value without crossing the mark of 21 is the winner of the game on the table.


Hit is asking or say requesting for a new card from the deck by the player on the table in an attempt to increase their score. The player is allowed as many hits as he/she would like to have till the value of their hand is less than 21.


When the value of a hand of a player exceeds 21 the player is said to go bust and thus looses the online blackjack game to the dealer. And if the hand of the dealer gets over 21, the dealer goes bust and thus you automatically become the winner whatever is the value of your hand till it is below 21.

free blackjack strategy


When a player chooses stand in an online blackjack game it simply means that the player is satisfied with the value of his/her hand and thus is not interested in taking any other cards. A player chooses stand when he/she has no wish to take another card and are ready to play against the dealer’s hand. As soon as a player chooses stand another player of the table gets a chance to make a choice of hit or stand.

Double down:-

Double down is a basic online blackjack strategy. A player choosing to play blackjack online on double down strategy makes clear that he/she wants to double his/her bet price and would thus take only one more card as their final card. It is often chosen when the total value of the cards held is equal to or less than 11 which means whatever card is chosen this time, it won’t go over 21 and the chances of winning are quite positive.


When a player gets to have the chance of having two similar cards like two face cards valuing ten each or two tens or anything as such the player gets a chance to split the hand into two thus getting a chance to play for two hands differently and thus gets twice as many hits or stands for both of his hands differently. The player not only gets to play for two hands he also gets to place 2 different bets for both the hands separately thus gets twice as much chance to win too.


A player can always choose to surrender at any point of the game. When he does so the player is allowed to leave the table with half of the money originally bet. This is often done when the player is almost sure to loose. The player has two choices of surrender in the game which are:-

  1. Early surrender:- When a player chooses to surrender before the dealer gets to check for blackjack is called as early surrender.

  2. Late surrender:- When a player chooses to surrender after the dealer has checked for blackjack and has not got a blackjack it is called as late surrender.


A player get a choice to have an insurance when the player is gets an ace as a part of his hand. The insurance is sort of a bet on the dealer having a blackjack, if the dealer has it the player gets his full bet returned and if the dealer does not have a blackjack the player looses the insurance but the game continues at the player’s original bet.

Blackjack strategy

Dealer’s choice:-

A dealer gets to choose when the player has already made all of his choices and thus gets to choose at the last. The dealer gets to flip his/her cards based on the house rules which are most often the same, that the dealer should stand if he starts at 17 and if below he could take hits only until the value of his hand is less than 17 and the moment it gets equal to or more than seventeen the dealer should take stand.

The Bet:-

The bet completely differs from person to person,casino to casino and table to table but still it often never goes above 1000 points in one bet.

But then it totally is based on the capacity of the player, as it is the player who gets to choose what is the total that he/she can bet at a time.

Some useful tips for the black jack:-

Blackjack Tips and Strategy

There are few general things that has to be kept in mind to play blackjack online and you could always save yourself from disastrous loosing situations in an online blackjack game. Few of which are as given below:-

  • Know the rules well:- The first thing that has to be kept in mind before entering a game of online blackjack is the fact that you know the rules well. Skipping the rules might end up being a very bad blackjack strategy and so before entering a game of free online blackjack make sure you are well versed with the rules of the game of online blackjack.

  • Aim not to score but to beat:- The main intention or the aim of the player should not be to score a total of 21 rather should be to make enough to be capable of beating the dealer. Having a total of 21 definitely makes one a winner for sure but a wrong move may for sure bust the player in the attempt and thus the player could end up loosing the game at such a close shot.

  • Make a Game plan:- Starting a game with a gut feeling and not a perfectly planned move might end up disastrously for the player in the game and so the player should always start the game with a perfectly planned move and should not depend on their gut feelings to help them with their moves in the game.

  • Make a clever choice:- The player should always choose the platform for their online blackjack game wisely after knowing all the alternatives that they have for themselves. As a casino blackjack game might have a lot of things and noises to divert the attention of the player from the game while on the other hand an online blackjack may provide them the exact opposite of the same, that is complete silence for proper concentration. The game of online blackjack calls for concentration and so the player should choose a place that he/she feels fit enough for the concentration that they need for the game.

  • Money Management:- The player should know for sure the total of the money that he/she could use for the game and thus should properly manage the same for the game. Blackjack GamesIt is commonly seen that at the end of the game the game might turn out rogue as the player might end up betting an amount that he/she might not be having with him/her at the moment or might end up loosing an amount that they might not have expected to loose and thus a proper management of the money is required. The player should be sure to end the game and get out of the place once he/she gets exhausted with the money they had brought for the game and should not linger there in the hope of winning what they had lost already because anything as such never happens.

A game of online blackjack has always fascinated people and thus that has been the reason for the progress of the game all over the world online or offline. The game having developed online has not only helped the online casinos and players earning money and having fun without having to make an effort to find their ways to a casino rather have also helped the game gain popularity between the tech-savvy society of people who are the future of the era.

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