Get an extra edge on the house with a few tried and tested tricks

Play blackjack online

Blackjack is a very popular game of cards that has been known and played for years now be it online blackjack or casino black jack. With the game rising to the heights of its popularity, options to play the game of blackjack online too have opened up for the players giving them an edge of convenience to play blackjack game in the coziness of their homes. The game of online blackjack has made it possible for the players to play the game without having to search for a casinos nearby. The game of online blackjack has reasons for its interesting popularity all over the world which includes the ease with which the game could be learned and played and the second being the fact that the game being an integral part of gambling allows the players to play staggering bets and thus if their luck has it lets them win massive amounts making it possible for anyone to change their fortunes with just a few minutes into the game. The blackjack game thus made it to the high ranks of popularity that can be seen today.

Tips and tricks for blackjack

Play Blackjack onlineThe trick to win blackjack game while playing online and make fortunes does not completely depend on the luck of the player as in the case of other casino games or card games but rather with few tricks anyone could have an edge over the house and thus minimize the losses and could get to have some good hand over cash if not master the game of online blackjack completely. The tips that might help anyone have an edge over the house are as under:-

  • Hit a soft 17:- Always try to hit a soft seventeen as that ensures that you do not get bust while trying to score a perfect 21, which for sure makes you win the game but it might even lead you to get bust in the process which is a form of sure loss. And anything below it ensures that you do not win as it is one of the house rules to stand on 17 and hit below 16. It is often in the favor of the player to stand on 17 or above and hit below 16 which is quite a strategy similar to the one that a house follows.
  • Split on aces or 8s:- If the player gets a thought to split it would be better if he does so when has double of aces or double of aces the player is sure to split as otherwise it is case of bust. Double of 8s if splitted  it gives an extra chance to win as 8 gives a fine window to hit while playing on the other hand it would be quite a foolish decision to split on 10 or 5s as splitting 5s gives a very large space to fill that might not get covered and if the player gets two cards of 10 it equals 20 and thus gives a best chance to win as it is closest to 21 and splitting at such a position might turn out to be a losers choice.
  • Insurance:- Never take an insurance until you are keeping a track of the cards like aces and 10s in the stack of the cards that is still to be played with. As other than that taking insurance might turn out to be a very wrong move for anyone as it means loosing an ace for nothing if the dealer does not chances over a pure blackjack.

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