How to play Casino Blackjack Game

 How to play BlackjackBlackjack is also known as “Twenty-one” and is one of the most played popular online card games. Blackjack is played between the player and the dealer with normal French decks of 52 cards. It is essential to understand some basic rules and betting concepts in order to learn to play blackjack like a pro. The most important thing in playing online blackjack is to select the right play table. Let us have a brief guide on some important aspects of this stylish game.

Objective of Blackjack Game:

The name “Twenty one,” one” states the objective quite clearly as the player needs to get as close as possible to 21 without going over. The aim of blackjack simply is to acquire a hand higher to dealer’s hand without going over 21 if the player goes beyond 21 the hand is called gone bust and the player loses.

Values of the Different Cards:

Values of the cards from 2 to 10 are same as their face value. The face cards jack, queen and king are also valued as 10 and Ace can be assigned 1 or 11 depending upon the rules or the conditions. Moreover, suits of the cards do not matter in the game of blackjack. 

Cards from 2 to 10


= The value of each card is same as the number on it


Face Cards



= The face cards are equal to the value of ten




          = The Ace is equal to either the value one or eleven

Selecting the Right Table:

A player must choose the blackjack table depending upon the betting limits the table has. The betting limits range from least $1 to most $5000. However, the player must be sure of the amount he/she chooses to bet is the amount he/she can actually afford. One must never bet with the amount he/she cannot afford to lose and is not sure of winning.

Starting the Game Blackjack:

At online casinos, players need to buy chips from the casino by depositing money and place their bets with those chips to start the game. The dealer then distributes two cards each face down to all the payers playing the game and keeps two cards one face up and one face down with him/her. Usually numbers of players playing blackjack are six. The dealer after distributing the cards shuffles six or eight decks of cards and places it in the box called “shoe” at the playing table. Depending upon the cards with each player and dealers up card, players decide their behavior ahead in the game. Some of the betting options available in the game of Blackjack are explained below:


Choosing to stand means player is satisfied with the hand and does not wish to take any more cards. 


Hitting means the player is not satisfied with his/her card and wishes to take one more card. A player may hit as many times as he/she wishes until the hand value is below 21.


When the player gets two cards of same value such as two fives, then he/she has an option to split those cards into two equal hands and different cards are dealt to both the hands thereafter.

Double Down:

Doubling down means the player wishes to double his/her original bet and he/she will take only one more card ahead.


If anytime in the blackjack game, players hand value goes over 21 then he/she will lose and it is the same in dealer’s case. 


When player and the dealer both get equal hand values and it is a tie, it is called as “push” and this way the player gets his/her original bet back. Thus neither the player nor the dealer wins or loses.


The player can back out or give up anytime during the game of blackjack and get half of the bet in return. A player does this when he/she knows that he/she is going to lose.

Early Surrender:

When the player surrenders before the dealer checks for blackjack it is called as early surrender.

Late Surrender:

When the player surrenders after the dealer has checked for blackjack and does not hold blackjack it is called late surrender. 


When the player gets an Ace, player has the choice to take the insurance. It is a bet on dealer having a blackjack and if the dealer has blackjack, player gets his/her full bet in return and if the dealer does not have a blackjack then the player simply continues the game with his/her original bet.

Dealer’s Options: 

Actions of the dealer are always last. After the players have taken all their decisions, the dealer flips his/her hole card playing according to the house rules. Normally at most casinos the rules are that the dealer hits until he/she has hand value of 17 or high and if dealers starts with 17 he/she stands.

Strategies to play blackjack: 

Usually at all the online casinos, a basic strategy chart is available for beginner’s Blackjack playing convenience so that they can study and understand how to play the first two cards. Some of the important and useful tips to play Blackjack that you should know are as follows:

  • Basic strategy is to split when the player has two aces and pair of eights.
  • A player must choose the blackjack playing table that allows double down and stand on soft 17 options.
  • A player must hit on any hand lesser than 17 when the dealer’s up card is 8 or high.
  • Moreover, player must stand over 11 if the dealer’s up cards are 4, 5 or 6 this will lead the dealer to bust possibly 40%.
  • It is also better to choose double down option if the player senses good chances ahead as this option is something not to be ignored.
  • And remember that a hand with a Blackjack (i.e. an Ace and a ten or a face card)with the total hand value equal to 21 will always win.

Now that you are well versed with how to play online Blackjack you can begin by choosing the best online casino websites that provide the game of Blackjack. You can choose from a huge variety of types of Blackjack games available on these online casinos.

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