Perfect Pairs BlackjackPerfect Pairs has been newly introduced in the European version of blackjack. It is also getting highly appreciative response online due to its advantageous nature of impressive paybacks through bonus side bets as well as new take in the normal format.

Side bet most certainly makes it highly advantageous but certain other rules are applied too. Especially if the casino you’re playing on doesn’t use the Vegas strip, European blackjack offers you the double quiet quickly no matter what values the points may be carrying.

You start off with a round betting table either with single-hand or multi-hand in this game of Perfect Pairs. Single-hand would be offered by only a few select casinos and may not be that open as compared to multi-hand ones. Multi-hand goes up to 5 hands at a time that means a player develops opportunity 5 times more the money. $200 becomes $1000 genuinely for instance.

Betting procedure is not different at all in any casino you are playing with. You begin with as low as $2 which goes to $200 max. But again, it only depends on the type of casino you choose. Once the betting starts, there is a chance called wager that is offered as bonus side bet to all active hands. This side bet has a slot of $2 to $50 on each hand. It’s the perfect pair’s side bet. The condition of winning the bet occurs when the first 2 cards are a pair. If not, the wager leads to lose.

The next turn comes with dealing cards. A single dealer’s card would be at the top shown. Incase if it’s the ace, at its black jack, player is offered insurance. While when such situation doesn’t show up being the face insurance is not offered while dealer naturally opt for Blackjack. The value that is insured on ace is just half.

Hitting depends on the payers themselves depending on their potential. Once all hands are done playing it in turn goes to dealer. Just after the dealer played out all hands, the winner is observed instantly. However its slight different and also interesting when multi-hand is played where dealer could either beat or gets beaten up by several other hands at the same time. Therefore it concludes as 1:1 on winning hands, 3:2 on black jack, while tied hands would utilize the original stake.

This newly introduced game in the online casino games has added new flair to the online casino concept. A bonus side bet is good enough to determine a chance of wining extra. European blackjack already carries a charm and of course 30 to 1 payback possibility on Perfect pair, even better.