Triple 7s BlackjackOnline Triple-7s Blackjack is the type of blackjack game and it is the most famous variation of blackjack with the big progressive jackpot. This game is very popular because of great bonus rewards for hand containing cards with the value of 7. This blackjack variant enjoying massive popularity due to its specially designed for the gambling platform and it is slightly different to land based original blackjack game. You can find this game at every online gambling casino.

As the name of the game implies, “Triple 7s,” play very important role in game, the players who receive triple 7s getting the big rewards. In this game if any player’s having total 21 through receiving three 7s of diamonds, win the progressive jackpot. Most of the rules of these games are similar to other blackjack games, except of few. So if you decided to play Triple 7s, first you have to familiarize yourself with the new rules of this game.

The bonus offered for those hands which are holding 7s is the main quality of this game; any player who wins the round gets a unique payout. A relative amount of total bet of Triple 7s is added to progressive jackpot, after each and every single round. The greatest hand containing Triple 7s of diamonds gets the highest payout and the ultimate prize of progressive jackpot.

Now talking about Payouts for bonus hands in Triple 7s Blackjack:

7-7-7 of Diamonds – Progressive Jackpot
7-7-7 of suit – 1000 to 1
7-7-7 any suit – 250 to 1
7-7 same suit – 50 to 1
7-7 any suit – 25 to 1
7 any suit – 5 to 1

In order to win the progressive jackpot, you must make a wager on the dollar side bet.

Some of the other rules are: The dealer must stands on all 17 and Draw on 16, double down can be made on hands of 9, 10, and 11, Doubling is not allowed after a Split, 7s cannot be Split, and Blackjack pays out standard 3 to 2 rate.