American RouletteOnline American Roulette is most popular variation of Roulette games; it’s all time favorite game in casinos. To play this game you can experience the thrills and emotions of casinos, in the comfort of your own home. American Roulette is the game of probability and luck; it exists of a marked table with numbers in no follow order and a ball on a spinning wheel. The main object of this game is to guess that the white roulette ball will land in which number, color or group of numbers. It’s a game of fun and action.

This game is played on a 38 slots wheel. Pockets of wheel are in three colors numbers 1 to 36 alternate in red and black pockets and numbers 0 and 00 are in green pockets. The second 00 make this game different to the European Roulette game. Players have chance to place a large number of wager and they can place more wager at a time.

The house edge of online American Roulette is little high (5.26%), but it provides enormous payouts for those players who make excellent choice with correct decision.

Bet  Payout
 Black  1 to 1
 Red  1 to 1
 Odd  1 to 1
 Even  1 to 1
 1 to 18  1 to 1
 19 to 36  1 to 1
 1 to 12  2 to 1
 13 to 24  2 to 1
 25 to 36  2 to 1
 Six Line (6 number combination)  5 to 1
 First Five (5 number combination)  6 to 1
 Corner (4 number combination)  8 to 1
 Street (3 number combination)  11 to 1
 Split (2 number combination)  17 to 1
 Any one number  35 to 1

This table is set the same as European Roulette, except the American Roulette contains a 0 and 00 slots, where European Roulette has only a 0 slot. Well this provide extra wager option to American Roulette gamers, it’s also increase the house edge.

How to play American Roulette

Like all the other Roulette games this version also begins with the betting round. The minimum and maximum bets differ depending on the online casino the player is playing at. The minimum amount is around $1 and the maximum goes up to $250 on each spin.

When the players have placed their bets, a ball will be sent spinning on the Roulette wheel in the opposite direction of the wheel. Bets cannot be placed after the spinning begins.

After the ball stops’ spinning it falls on a slot on the wheel and if the player has placed his bet on that number or the color of the slot then he wins the game. The eligibility for a payout depends on the type of bet that is placed by the player.

Like the European and French Roulette games the American version does not have any rules associated with the game. It is a simple “bet and win” game. There is no specific beginning or ending of the game. The player can play as many times as he wants.

You can read more about all the versions of the game of Roulette on our site’s pages dedicated to the different versions of Roulette. Enjoy playing and win big!