french rouletteImagine how a tiny little ball can change your life around. To know how you must play the French Roulette and you will know the magic of that small ball. This is the most popular online casino game. You can place your bets on this wonderful game from your preferred comfort zone. This classic game comes with a French twist and a huge red roulette wheel.

The game of French Roulette has some similarities to the American Roulette and European Roulette. Here too the player places his bets on the numbers on the roulette wheel and then the croupier spins the wheel. There are a few similarities that make this game unique and superior than its counterparts.

Everybody can play the game of French Roulette from anywhere on the internet as it is available everywhere. The only thing that a player needs is an internet connection with a good computer system. Then the player can simply register with any online casino that offers the game of French Roulette. The game has many attractive features like single-zero roulette wheels, La Partage rule, interesting call bets and many more.

The rules of the game are quite simple and similar to any other Roulette game. The player first places his bet on any number, color or a group of numbers to win and then waits for the roulette wheel spin. The wheel has 37 numbers on it like the wheel used in the European Roulette. The numbers are printed alternately on the wheel on red and black color background. The number 0 however is printed on a green color background. The player must be familiar with the French expressions used in the game to master it. These expressions are given below:



Pair even numbers
Impair odd numbers
Manqué the low numbers 1-18
Passé the high numbers 19-36
P-12 (Première 12) the first dozen 1-12
M-12 (Moyenne) the middle dozen 13-24
D-12 (Dernière) the last dozen 25-36

La Partage Rule is a unique feature of the French roulette and according to this rule if the player has made an even bet and on spinning the ball falls on 0 then the player will only lose half the bet money. This rule is quite advantageous to the gamblers.

The French version provides the player with many betting options. This makes the game quite exciting. Betting limits and other rules and regulations depend entirely on the casino the player chooses to play at. So choose wisely and enjoy the game of French Roulette.