3-reel-slotsThe first traditional slot machine which is still able to deliver fantastic gaming experience, was invented more than 125 years ago. That time all machines were 3 reel slots and Because of their simplicity and they are easy to play, these original classic 3 reel games are still very popular. Online 3 reel slot machines are based on traditional slot machines and featured three spin reels of symbols and up to five pay lines.

3 reel slots are found in every online casino. This game is very simple, so new players can easily play this game and get a clear picture of the payout table works. The choice of themes is huge and which one is attracted, you can select; many ‘traditional’ 3 reel games have similar symbols on their reels such as BARS, fruit and Lucky 7s. The slot machines are powered by the different top provider of gaming software. These games appeal lies not only in the common thought that they payout more than other multi reel games but because of their simplicity.

Traditionally slot games have a single pay line, but new 3 reel slot game offers several pay lines and bonus features. Comparison of other slot games, this game is very easy to learn and play.  So many casinos have coin wagering system, once you have select coins size then select your desired number of coins. The number of coins you have selected reflects your potential wins. Then hit the spin button, just like another slot game, if wheel stops on a winning combination of symbols across your pay line, you’ll be rewarded.

Now you get familiar with 3 reel slot games, check out the 3 reel slots on our recommended online casinos to be a part of this excited game, that have unique fun and money too.