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Play Online Omaha PokerOmaha poker is quite an easy game if you know how to play Texas Hold’em poker as both are variants of one game only. Omaha poker has gained immense popularity worldwide for a long time but from last few decades, Texas Hold’em is gaining more popularity than this game. However, among all poker games, Omaha is the second popular version after Texas Hold’em to be played online worldwide.

Dealer is the person provided by casino and is determined through a disk or a button that I rotated to left after each hand. Players do not ante each other but blind bets are posted to make the starting pot just like Texas Hold’em poker. Two blind bets are posted to start a hand and the player to the left of the dealer posts a small bet equals to half of the least bet. Then another player at left posts a big blind bet equals to the least bet and the rest of the players do not bet anything in this round.

After posting the blinds, each player is dealt four cards face down having player with small blind first and the dealer last card. In the first round of betting the player in left of big blind calls, raises or folds his/her hand and this way the whole round goes around the table to reach the small blind player. The player with small blind can call the bet and the big blind player acts last in the game. If no one in the game ‘raises’ then the dealer asks for the choice and the big blind player can raise or “check”.

In the other round, three cards are dealt face up on the centre of the table that is called “Flop”. The cards are community cards and can be used by any player. Then another round begins with the left player. After this round, the dealer burns another card and turns fourth face up card in the centre of the table that is called as “turn”. In the next round, again dealer burns another card and turn fifth and final face up card and this is called “river”.

Normally there may be three or four raises during all rounds of betting and if the player becomes head up with two players, raises go unlimited. The player having highest five card hand wins and for making this five card hand the players have to use two from their hole cards and three from the “board” that is from the face up card in the center of the table this is called “Showdown”. In case two players tie that usually happens in Omaha Hi/Lo then the player split the pot without using another card.

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