Omaha PokerOmaha Poker is a different variation of the Texas Hold’em Poker. It is also quite a popular game on the online casino games and many people play it on the internet. With the rise in the number of online casino games the number of players has also increased substantially and many of them are Omaha Poker players as well. The game can be played in both ways that is for cash and for fun.

How to play Omaha Poker

The game of Omaha Poker needs a separate room to play the game. Although all the online casino sites will give you the game to play but the best way to play would be at a place where the casinos allow the players to play against other real players for real cash payout. But for a newbie it is better to first play with the play cash rather than the real cash.

After summing up the confidence go ahead and take a shot at the real game. When the game begins each player gets four cards namely the pocket cards. The player can see only their own cards and not the other player’s. The cards are revealed at the end of the game. After this the bets are placed. The way of playing is quite similar to Texas Hold’em Poker. The dealer has a chip that he passes from player to player. The bets are also passed similarly and they can be both small and big blind bets. If any player wants to view the flop then he must call the amount of the big blind in order to do that. Once the betting is done the dealer then deals the first three community cards that will be facing upwards.

After this the second round of betting commences. In the second round each player can raise, check, call or fold. After the second round of placing the bet gets over the next community cards are dealt. Then again another round of placing bets begins. Now if there are any more players left to play then the final fifth card will be dealt.

The last community card in an Omaha Poker game is called the river and it is also the last chance for the player to make his hand the best possible one before the Showdown. After the turn card is dealt the final round of placing bets begins. Once that gets over the Showdown begins.The player needs to make the best hand with the pocket cards and the community cards that are dealt to him. This game also requires the player to make the finished hand from the cards in the player’s own hand.

The game continues depending on the style in which the game is played. Sometimes the last player is declared the player and sometimes a player can also buy back a chance to play as long as there is anybody left to play the game.

Another version of this game is the Omaha Hi-Lo where the winning amount is split between the high hand winner and the low hand winner. Also if the other players manage to play really well then the winning pot will be split amongst all the players.

Omaha is an exciting game to play on the internet and lots of people play it too. So enjoy the game and read our reviews on the sites for more information on this.