Let it Ride Online

Let it Ride OnlineLet it Ride poker is a card game that has become tremendously popular in recent few years both in land based as well as in online casinos. In the game the player and dealer need to make the best hand using their three and two cards available respectively. The best hand in the game is Royal Flush that pays quite high up to 1000 on one. The house edge in a normal Let it Ride game is about 3.5% not considering any side bet.

To start the game players need to place an ante on the table consisting three similar holes and totally six cards are dealt in this round. Once the player decides, the amount to bet that amount is divided into three equal parts and is placed on the different sections of the Let it Ride table. To place an additional bet player need to click on the bonus payout button and then click deal button. First three cards are dealt face up to the player and next three cards are dealt face down to the dealer. After receiving three cards players, players need to choose between “Let it Ride” or “Pull” the bet and if the player chooses the latter option one bet is pulled back and is not dealt.

The player may withdraw his/her first bet that is called “Pull” or May “keep” it. Then the dealer discards the fourth card and turns over fifth card then it is up to player to decide to “Let it Ride” or “Pull” the bet after that dealer finally turns sixth card and hand is scored. Payout is determined by the quality of hand and depends on the casino payout chart and the player wins if he/she qualifies the hand with at least a pair of Tens. Players may win bonus if they place an additional bet with the poker hands namely Flush, Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Straight and Full House, Three of a Kind and Four of a Kind.

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