Texas Hold'em highTexas Hold’em is probably the most popular version of Poker played on the internet. As is clear from the name of the game it is quite popular in the western part of the country. There are even many channels that provide 24/7 news and information on the game.

Many variations are available over the internet for the game of Texas Hold’em and some of these house versions also let the players play against the dealer. Online casino sites let the players download the game’s software and start playing. The players can play against multiple online players for cash. Our site provides with lots of information about all the sites that provide the online Texas Hold’em game.

How to play Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas Hold’em is often played with six or more players. One of the players is the dealer and the player on the left of the dealer is the small blind bettor, while the player on the left of both the dealer and the small blind bettor is designated as the big blind bettor. Now for every next round the dealer, small blind bettor and the left blind bettor will change in clockwise direction.

Continuing the game each player will now place the bets and the amount should be equal to the amount of the big blind. In case a Raise was called in the previous round then the amount will equal to that raise. The Call, Raise and Fold will continue till the first round of bet doesn’t get over.

After the first bet round gets over the community cards are dealt top each player. Three flop cards will be kept facing upwards on the table. These cards will be used by each player to make their hand the best possible combination. Now the players can decide to either continue or to fold.

Before dealing the turn card another betting round commences. After playing the fourth card another betting round begins with double the least bet wager amount. Now the final fifth card will be dealt and since it is the last card to be dealt this is also the last chance to place a bet. This is also the final opportunity to make the best possible hand from the two available cards and the five community cards. Now the players will need to show the two cards they have and then a winner will be chosen.

If the game ends in a draw then the winning pot will be split equally amongst the players with the same winning hand. Another situation could be that a player might have placed his entire money on the bet and other players are still bidding then a new second pot will be played. This new pot is not given to the all in bettor but the second highest hand winner can get it.

The time of play depends on the way the players play it and the amount of chips as well. Many versions of this game are of the open ended type. Players must search their tables appropriately. For more suggestions you can read through our reviews meant for other game sites. Playing against the real players is more exciting so start playing the great game of Texas Hold’em Poker.