Three card pokerThis Poker version is one of the popular versions of poker and is known as Tri Card Poker. This is a very unique game of cards as the Three Card Poker consists of two different games. One game is known as “ante and play” and the second game is known as “pair plus”. The player can choose to bet on a particular game but it depends on the casino that whether they allow it or not. Sometimes the player might even need to play both the games because the casino doesn’t allow it.

The Three Card Poker is a very exciting and fast game. The payout odds are also not very predictable in this game. Like all the other Poker versions in this game too an initial bet is made to begin the game. Bonus payouts are only made to the hands that have a good combination of cards. The most exciting part of the game is the one where the dealer deals the cards because even at this point the winner can be known on the basis of the card he gets.

How to play Three Card Poker

Before beginning to play the game of Three Card Poker player must make a decision about where he should place the bets, whether both the games or just one. After this the dealer then deals three cards to each player and the dealer.

Now the players who have made a pair plus bet will win if their hand has a pair or any other better combination of cards. The types of combination could be high card, pair, a flush, straight, three of a kind and straight flush. The order in which the names are written is from weakest to strongest. The payout for the pair plus bets are given after the completion of the “ante and play” round.

The “ante and play” players can also choose to play or fold after the cards deal. In case the player folds he loses the ante and play bet, while if the player chooses to play a new bet will be placed and the amount will be equal to the ante bet. The dealer’s hand is compared to the player’s hand at this stage.

On comparison the dealer should be able to qualify and to do that he should have a Queen high or any other card that is better. In case the dealer does not qualify then the player will be given even amount of money that was placed on the ante bet and the play bet will be pushed further. If the dealer does qualify then it will be compared with the other player’s hand.

If the dealer’s hand qualifies and ton comparison it is found that the player’s hand is bad then the player is bound to lose both the bets. Also if both the dealer and the player have same hands value then the both the “ante and play” and the pair plus bets will be pushed further.

If a player chooses to play instead of fold then he will be paid the ante bonus if he has a good hand and the fact that whether the dealer loses or not does not affect this decision. Casinos most commonly pay the bonus on a straight hand and for an ante bet many casinos offer a 5 to 1 ante bet bonus.

Strategies for Three Card Poker

It is better to have a strategy before starting the game of Three Card Poker. The first thing that the player should decide is the payout table. The table should be favorable to the player. Also the player should be clear about making the bet as not much can be done to improve the odds of winning. After this the player should decide the strategy for the ante and play bet.

Many players follow the strategy of mimicking the dealer’s game strategy for qualifying the game. The player also can choose to fold if he has anything lower than a Queen high. Another strategy is to avoid following own gut while playing the game of Three Card Poker because it is like jumping in to a trap all by yourself. It is a very rare situation where the instincts of the player helped him win a game.

The game of the Three Card Poker is a fun and fast paced game. So enjoy playing it and be prepared before playing because the returns could be really high in the game.