Card counting in blackjack, a strategy with the series of myths

Card Counting balckjackCard counting is the concept that is not new and the myths and misconceptions related to the topic too are similarly old and battered and same goes for the fact that the concept of card counting goes hand in hand with the basic rules of the game, so basic rules if not known better keep away from the strategy of card counting. The image of the game of blackjack has taken the form of larger than life figure and thus created even a bigger space for the myths that have been building up relating to the strategy being an illegal part of the game.Blackjack card counting

 History has it:-

The concept of blackjack strategy actually started back in the mid twentieth century around the time when the charm of casino games was rising to its heights and blackjack was the most popular game in the casinos. A group of statistician after observing the game were particularly convinced that the game was based on a mathematical series and thus there must exist a formula that could be derived to get a perfect blackjack strategy for the game. The century then saw a series of mathematicians trying to find better results and thus the modern blackjack strategy was born including the concept of card counting.

 As the blackjack strategies were born and taking a toll on the casinos they got scared and started on changing the original set of rules to give the house a better edge, but when the concept backfired and the casinos started loosing their customers the classic set of rules got back their original stand in the game. There have been a series of bans and lawsuits that at the end of it confirmed the fact that the concept of card counting is legal and none of the casinos anywhere has the right to ban a player just for the fact that he was involved in card counting, but then once the casinos come to a conclusion that a player is really good at card counting they have the right to ask the player to leave their property.

 The concept of card counting:-

 The concept of card counting is basically based on one of the mathematical calculations of permutation and contribution according to which a deck of card has a fixed number of cards which are in a fixed order and one card out of the deck means that card no longer exists in the pack which means the chances of it coming out is nil and chances of a similar card has decreased thus the deck of cards being played with has changed in somewhat a predictable fashion.

 Thus instead of memorizing the cards a player could just assign positive and negative values to the card and by reducing each card from the basic running total the player could easily predict the chances of the next card from the deck and thus the game gets in the hands of the player.

 The concept of card counting is thus a very technical blackjack strategy that for sure gives an extra edge to the player and thus reduces the house edge and with practice any player could rule the game in their own favor.

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