Online blackjack bonuses the real reasons they are being offered

Online Blackjack

With online blackjack gambling going all popular over the casino blackjack the need for the online casinos to show their supremacy over the others too have gone very high over the years. With the competition all over the world between the online blackjack casino sites stiffening all the time the sites are trying everything they could to lure in new players for their sites and to try to make the older ones stay longer. Giving out blackjack bonuses, welcome balances or discounts are some of the latest phenomenons that are being used by the casino sites to attract new players for their sites.

 The online bonuses that are being offered by the sites come in a very wide range, ranging from 100% of the initial deposit to around 400% of the same to even completely free some of the times. With the casinos showing such generosity the thing that has been bothering the players and common public is the fact that how are the casinos pulling it off with the profits, with so many offers and free welcome balances and discounts, what is that the casinos are earning and most importantly how? The fact that lies below these bonuses is that they never are completely free and so should be chosen with caution and ease. These discounts and bonuses are often there to lure you into the game and when you get addicted to the game they start costing you, so better be extra cautious while opting for them.

 But it is not that they are always bad, they often are a way for the casino sites to say that they value their customers. The main reasons behind the discounts and the offers are as follows:-

  • To increase the number of players:- The offers and discounts have been there mostly to catch the eye of the new players. The main intention behind getting more customers to a casino even though they play for free is that it increases the popularity of the casino and helps in promoting a game. And moreover larger the audience more is the profit for the casino in simple senses.


  • To prove their supremacy:- With more of a crowd in a casino the popularity of the place increases and when this happens the casino gets the benefit. With the casino games getting a toll on the world tournaments the casino sites have got to prove their supremecy over the others and thus the offers and discounts and the bonuses let them have exactly the same.


  • To keep the loyality of the players:- The casino sites with all the competition out there in the market have got to attract some new customers and even more have got to keep the ones that they already have with them in the form of the existing customers. And so to keep the existing customers interested in the site and to show their regards for the loyal customers they have been giving free bonuses, discounts or offers to lure in the loyality from others too.


  • To encourage the players to keep on gambling:- The fact that there is nobody who doesn’t like free money to spend has been helping the casino sites pull out profit from the discounts and free bonuses. How? The actual thing is that when these casinos sites offer discounts and bonuses they often increase the roll over rates for the players which means the players will have to play a certain amount of times to get the full benefits and thus it often leads the players to spend more than they have planned just to get the full benefits of the offers which means profits for the casino sites.

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