Red Dog BlackjackOnline Red Dog card game was introduced in Nevada in 1980’s. It increased popularity with the success of online gambling. It’s a game of chance which is very easy to learn and quick to play.

This game has little different from the other table card and online casino games, such as Blackjack. When the more decks are introduced, the house edge of this game is decreases.  A player can use one to eight decks to play this game. It will depend on conditions, which casino you select to play. The house edge stands at 3.155% but drop down to 2.751% when all eight decks are in play.

In Red Dog the scoring value of each card is similar to poker and with Aces highest possible value, but suits are not important to this game. Only 3 cards dealt in this game, so each round is very fast and could make player win big money.

The game starts with placing an opening bat before any card being dealt. Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will placed two cards on Left and right. If the players cards are in sequential numbers, then hand will automatic push and player will get the option to play another round.

A pair hand will occurring when equal value cards are dealt, then the dealer automatically dealt the third card without the chance of second betting round. If the player receives third card which has the equal value as the first 2 cards, the player is paid out 11:1 and a card with any other value will introduce a push on the other hand.

The most accepted consequence is, both cards are not constant and not the same value. In that condition player will get a chance to place another wager or to call and there are 6 cards between four and Jack so that hand is called six-card spread; if 3 and 9 cards are dealt then spread is 5 (4,5,6,7 and 8).


Opening bets always paid out at even money in a winning hand. Payouts for spreads as follows:

Spread Payout
1 card 5:1
2 card 4:1
3 card 2:1
4 through 11 card 1:1

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