Online Caribbean Stud Poker: Rules & Strategies

Online Caribbean Stud Poker StrategiesIn online Caribbean Stud Poker, player plays against the dealer and not against other players. The house edge in this game is 5.25% and on an average, a player loses 3.22% of total money he/she plays with. However, by adopting few wise techniques, players can certainly increase their chances of winning. A quick guide to Caribbean stud poker rule and strategies is here.

Caribbean Stud Rules:

Players are suppose to make an “ante” bet including second progressive side bet having five cards face down dealt and the dealer is dealt with 4 cards face down and 1 card face up. Players may “fold” their bets that means losing the bet or place another bet equals to the twice the ante. Succeeding dealer shows his/her hand. If dealer has the least hand of Ace or King he/she qualifies and if not players “push” their bet and win even money on their ante. If the dealer qualifies then the ante pays even money and the bet pays according to the particular casino’s table. The progressive side bet depends on the player’s poker hand value.

Caribbean Stud Basic Strategies:

It is better if players bet on a pair or better, on Ace-King-Queen and the player’s subsequent highest card must outrank dealers up card. Better to bet on an Ace and a King and on any other three cards that match dealers up card. Also betting on a pair of Ace-King-Queen or Ace-King-Jack and on any other five card that match dealers up card. The strategy on matching dealer’s up card decreases the chances of dealer having a pair that can beat player’s Ace-King.

Thus by following these simple and easy tips and strategies for playing the Caribbean Stud Poker you can win the game. Keep practicing the winning hands and you will be unbeatable within no time.

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