Vegas Downtown BlackjackThere are so many blackjack games in the world of Vegas and mostly games played by same as basic standard blackjack rules with some minor differences. One the most popular variant of blackjack game is Vegas Downtown Blackjack. This game was found in the Downtown area of Lose Vegas, it’s an exciting twist in all the great casino games that offers to players a fantastic way to win and earn a large payout.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack follows same rules of Atlantic City and Vegas Strip blackjack, its available in both versions (single and multi hand), the main purpose of this game is beating dealers hand by having a value of 21 or closer (without going over). You can bet only one hand at a time in this game like other standard online blackjack games.

You can play Vegas Downtown Blackjack game with 2 standard decks of cards; it provides big advantage to players. The dealer should be stand on hard 17 and should be hit on soft 17.

It’s an American hole card game and one of the dealer’s cards is dealt face down, it means if dealer’s face up card is a 10 or an Ace, he will immediately check his hole cards for blackjack. If he has blackjack, in that case dealer will take all wagers, except from those players who also have Natural Blackjack.

Every player can Split 3 times in a game in each round, Aces can be Split once, if any player Split a couple of Aces, then each Ace will be dealt 1 card and the hand will stands quickly.

 Some basic rules of these games are as follow:

  • Player can play this game with only two standard decks of cards.
  • The dealer must stands on hard 17 and hits on soft 17.
  • Double down on any initial two card hand is allowed.
  • Double down after Splitting is allowed.
  • Players can re-split total three times, equaling 4 hands.
  • If Ace is showing, dealer peeks for blackjack.
  • Players can bet only one hand at a time.