How to play Texas Hold’em poker online

Play Online Texas Holdem PokerTexas Hold’em poker is one of the easiest versions of poker to learn and to play. Other poker versions like Omaha or 7-card stud require a bit of sincere understanding of the odds and strategies in order to win. Texas Hold’em poker is the game that can be learnt in quite some time if the player practices the game quite often. If you want to learn the game easily then jump on to the variety of free Texas Hold’em poker casinos online and learn while you play. Many online casinos provide the options for free play so that you can first practice the game at free table and then go for the real money play and win loads of cash. Let us have a brief look at the basics of Texas Hold’em poker game below:

The least and most betting limits and the betting structure vary with each casino and you will have to place the bet according to the online casino rules at which you are playing. Players place their blinds and antes to start the game and this is called as posting. Then the dealer shuffles the deck of 52 cards and each player deals with two cards face down which are called hole cards or pocket cards. The player at the left of the blinds starts the round of bets in which the players can call, raise or fold.

As the round of bets end, the dealer discards top cards in the deck in order to prevent cheating in the game, which is called burn card and flips next three cards face up on the table, which is called the flop. Any player may use these common cards with his/her pocket cards to form a hand. Then again, another betting round starts from the player on left. This round also goes likewise with burns and flips and this time it is called as turn. In many games, bet size doubles with the third betting round. In the third betting round, the player again burns and flips a final face up card on the table that is called as river.

Finally, players can use any of the five face-up cards on the table and from their pocket to form a five-card Texas Hold’em poker hand. Then the players who have not folded their hands start revealing starting from the player on left of the dealer to the last player to call and the one who shows the best hand, wins while players having same hand split the pot sometimes. Having some of the guides like this blog and practicing the game quite often will certainly help in better understanding the Texas Hold’em poker.

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