Popular slot games to play at online casinos

Play Best Slot GamesSlot machine games are gaining immense popularity these days worldwide. Some play for fun, some for just passing the spare time and most of the players play to earn real money. Slot machines are quite tempting and as players enter into online casinos, the mesmerized beauty, flamboyant lights and welcoming sounds of slot machines attracts them to play. There are numerous slot games available at online casinos and all of the games are worth trying once. However, some captivated slot games offer great pleasure and are cool to play both for fun and for money so let us have a concise look at few popular slot games here:

Rainbow Riches Slot:

The Rainbow Riches Slot is a high having 20 pay-line slot machine game featuring three bonus rounds for filling the players bankrolls high. Beauty of this game is players are allowed to play for smaller bets like 1p/spin up to £400 and can win £200,000 on one single spin.

Zuma Slot:

Zuma Slot is based on the popular Popcap game providing players play with 1p and win up to £500,000. The game provides free spin bonus round having minimum three or added Frog Scatter Symbols on reels players just need to select the lucky Tiki Boss for starting building up free spins and for collecting bonuses. Players can also bet the winnings on Gamble Reels and multiply them for extra wins. The Zuma Wild Bonus symbol may multiply the bet up to ten times of the original sum if the player has winning line with Wild Symbol.

Monopoly Slot:

The game is based on the famous family board game providing high payouts and exciting bonus rounds. This game can be played for 2p/line players get their bets multiplies every time they pass ‘Go’. Players also get to roll the diceto go up and collect bonuses with this when they get three bonus dice symbols and if the player gets three instant bonus symbols on reels, they get community chest instant bonus to multiply his/her bets. The best way is to know the online slots strategies so that you can play and win lots of money easily. But if you are new to the game of slots then it is better to know the basic online slots strategies.

Playing at online casinos, you need to be extremely disciplined in terms of handling and maintaining your bankrolls. Setting limits for spending the money and for losses and sticking to those limits will certainly help you to gain a lot from online slotsand will maximize the fun of playing.

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