poker rideThe new version of Poker game is the Poker Ride game which is also played with a five card hand. It also has the progressive jackpot. The game in itself is a very exciting online casino game. Poker Ride is said to be born from the popular game “Let it Ride” and it gives the players and extra advantage through huge progressive payouts.

Although a new version, Poker Ride still requires a good luck on the player’s side along with tons of skills. As the saying goes,’ Practice makes a man perfect’ the player must also do the same to win at this game. It is better to always have a strategy before beginning the game.

How to play Poker Ride

In this game there are four circles for betting namely Ante bet, 1 bet round, 2 bet round and lastly the Jackpot bet. In these bet circles the last bet that is the Jack Pot bet is a side bet that could be made in to a progressive bet if the player wishes to do so.

Mainly there are three rounds of gambling in the game of Poker Ride. As it is in all the Poker games the Ante bet is made before the first three cards are dealt to the players. The cards are placed facing upside and the dealer deals two cards to himself faced down.

The next betting circle lets the player to make a Call or Raise the bet. Once the player makes a call or raises the bet, one of the dealer’s cards is revealed and that card will become the player’s fourth card.

After the Ante bet and the first bet after that the second bet round occurs. The second round of bet is similar to process of the first round of bet. At the end of this round too, the dealer will reveal his second card and that card will be the player’s fifth card. Now the player will have a five card hand to play with.

The rules for qualifying for a payout are that the player must at least have a pair of tens. Also the player must place a Jack Pot bet before the hand begins and should have a Flush or higher card hand.

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