How to play 7-card stud poker online


7-card stud pokerFor many years, 7-card stud was the most played poker game but with the arrival of Texas Hold’em during 70’s its popularity went down competitively. 7-card stud however is played widely and today still, it has a share of people who really love this game. 7-card stud is an intricate game, requires a bit of skills to master and the different it has with other poker games is that it has no “community” or common cards.

This game is usually played with up to eight players. You need a normal deck of 52 cards, some chips and 2 to 8 players. The antes guarantee the money in the pot for the winner just like blinds in Hold’em or Omaha poker. The ante actually is the small part of the least table bet that is kept at the table center by each player before starting the game. In the first round, two cards are dealt to each player face down. Then in the “3rd street”, one more face up card is dealt to each player. After that, the first betting round starts with the player who has lowest ranking face up 3rd street card.

The starter can place the whole bet equals to the least table bet or lesser that is called bring-in and acts as another blind guarantee money in the pot. If the other player calls complete bet then the starter needs to add the difference to complete the bet and the other players can call, raise or can complete the bet. Then the “4th street” cards are dealt face up again and second betting round starts. The player with the highest ranking out cards starts second round without having the need of bring-in. In this round high limits are allowed and are required on any subsequent bet if there is any. Then the “5th street” cards are dealt face up and the third betting round starts thereon similarly as the second round. “6th street” cards are dealt then face up and the fourth betting round starts just as second and the third round.

Player having highest hand ranking starts the next round having high limits required and the remaining players holding six cards each. Then the final “River” face down cards is dealt and fifth and the final round starts similar to the sixth round. After the completion of fifth betting round, the winner is determined and this is called as “Showdown” and the last player placing the bet raising or having highest five card ranking, wins. Thus, this is how you play 7-card stud poker.

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