Online Casino Bonuses: An Insight

Casino BonusMany people find playing various games at online casinos exciting and a great way to spend free time. It means having fun in your leisure time for some, while it is making money for some and some are fascinated by the ease of playing, the variety of games, the bonuses and much more that online casinos provide its players. Whether you are fond of spending entire night gambling at an online casino or a beginner there are some out of the ordinary facts that you need to know regarding this. Bonus is something that certainly attracts many and a large amount of gamblers choose casinos that offer bonuses. Online casinos always offer various types of bonuses in order to encourage people to play more and more. Some of the commonly offered bonus types are elucidated below:

First deposit bonus

First deposit bonus is the amount that is given as a reward when you open your account in the online casino and make your first deposit. Many online casinos provide very high amount as first deposit bonus and this amount sometimes even goes up to 200% of your first deposit but up to a limited extent only.

Play money

Many online casinos offer Play money bonus that means they will reward you with some money to play after you register with them. However, the casinos will not allow you to withdraw till a certain limit is not achieved but you can play or gamble using this money. Moreover, if you earn a specified amount and reach the limit, you will be allowed to withdraw your reward.

Winnings casino

Winnings casino is also a type of bonus that online casinos provide under which if you win a specified amount, you will get to play with a casino as a bonus.

Match Bonus

Match bonus is something in which the casinos set some percentage for increasing your money if you are supposed to win a specified amount. Say if you win $2000 then your money will be maximized by 400% so in order to get at least 100% you need to win at least $500 and match bonus goes like this.

Free Play bonus

In this kind of bonus, you will be given some money and a specified time period to play a game and you will be rewarded if you win the specified money in that allotted time.

No deposit bonus

In case when you will not have any deposits in your online casino account, you will be given some amount as a No deposit bonus to play the game free further.

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