Rules of online baccarat

Online Baccrat RulesBaccarat is an easy game to learn and play that is played using eight decks of cards. Learning the rules enables players to play any baccarat game at any online casino with great confidence and this leads to high winnings. It is better to download good baccarat software that is available free online anywhere and play alongside. Player can bet on the winning of his own hand, the bankers hand or on the happening of a tie dealing with two cards.

Goal of the game is to get as close to 9 as possible. Ace is counted as 1, tens and face cards as Zero and cards 2 to 9 as their face value worth. Player is paid even money as 1 to 1 on his winning, 8 to 1 on winning a tie and the banker is paid 19 to 20 on his winnings. Usually online casinos tax the banker’s winnings at 5% but even after this, there is still small advantage of 0.18% for the player to bet on banker’s hand.

All the rules are quite simple except few tricky parts: When the player’s card total comes in two-digit number, then the first number is dropped, suppose you get 6 and 6 that make 12 so in this case the first digit one is dropped and next 2 is taken into consideration.

If the players hand value comes eight or nine that hand is declared as ‘natural’ and the player wins if the other player also does not have a ‘natural’ hand. If both player’s and the banker’s hand are of equal value the game is tie and the bets will push. If the player gets a hand total of 5 then, he hits otherwise stands and if the player stands, the banker hits on or less of the total of 5.

At last, the scores are compared and definitely the one having greater sum is the winner. Understanding all the above-mentioned set of rules, players will surely get to know that baccarat is quite fun and simple game to play. However, it is always better to practice a lot the free games before investing real money.


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