Poker PursuitAnother popular variation of Poker is the Poker Pursuit game that is also played with a similar five card hand. It has also been quite successful like all the other Poker variations. This game is in many ways similar to Poker Ride as it also lets its players to play many rounds till they can decide that whether their hand is good enough to win or not.

The payouts will differ with the place where the player is playing. The winning hand is same as the one as in standard poker. Payouts depend on their ultimate value.

In this Poker version too the first round of betting is known as the ante betting and it is better to decide the bet amount before the cards arrive because this will have a lasting impact on the upcoming betting rounds. After deciding the ante amount the players will receive their first three cards.

Now the games begin once the cards are dealt. The player can either “Call” or “Raise”; Calling causes the game to continue further and raising will include another bet. The bet so raised will be the same size as the initial stake. After this betting round the fourth card will be revealed. The next betting rounds are similar to the other Poker games. Once all the cards are revealed the payouts are given on the basis of the worth of the player’s hand.

In case the player’s hand is not worth winning then all the previous bets will be lost and if the player has a hand with a greater value then he is eligible to a payout accordingly.

Poker Pursuit is a very popular game and becoming more and more interesting as the time passes by. You can find more about all the poker sites right here on our site. You can also read reviews on other sites that offer the game of Poker Pursuit.